Workshop on Synthetic Biology in Luxembourg

by Frederic Augustin

Venue: 10 December 2015, La Maison Du Savoir Belval, Esch an der Alzette, Luxembourg

On 10 December, under the auspices of the Luxembourg Presidency of the EU Council, the European Commission and the Luxembourg Ministry of Health will hold a workshop on Synthetic Biology in Luxembourg.

The workshop at the Maison du Savoir in Belval is a one-day event, from 9:00 to 16:00, and is addressed to Commission services and agencies, EU Member States, scientists and relevant stakeholders.

The objective of the workshop is to present the various ongoing activities in the EU on synthetic biology, namely the opinions of the Commission Scientific Committees, taking into account the increasing interest in the field of synthetic biology and the novelty of the topic.

A discussion panel made up of scientists and representatives of the European Commission and the Scientific Committees will engage the audience in a thought-provoking discussion that analyses synthetic biology from different angles.

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Deadline for registration: 23 November, 17:00. Please note that due to the limited capacity of the conference room, registration will be on a 'first come – first serve' basis.

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