Directorate D, Key Enabling Technologies, defines, implements and evaluates RDI policy and initiatives to promote the development and deployment of KET (Key Enabling Technologies) and their combinations ("cross-KET"). The Directorate also implements the European fund for the coal and steel sectors. The overall aim is to foster new growth and employment and European industrial and technological leadership, in full consideration of the societal challenges such as health, energy, transport, environment and climate. In this context, the Directorate contributes also to the design and implementation of relevant EU policies aiming at innovation and at the revitalisation of European manufacturing industry.

Unit D.2, Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies, manages, integrates and coordinates RDI actions and policy under Horizon 2020 in the fields of Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies for competitive and sustainable industrial innovation. The Unit’s work on these two KETs focuses on increasing industrial competitiveness and innovation by incorporating knowledge into products with high added value and highly-efficient processes and, when relevant, focuses on innovative SMEs. The Unit provides leadership in the area of contractual Public-Private Partnerships and is the lead service for the Public-Private Partnerships on Factories of the Future, Energy-efficient Buildings and Sustainable Process Industry, as well as for the Public-Public Partnership on Metrology. The Unit monitors and supports industrial policy initiatives in the field of the two KETs and, in particular, ensures the links with the Smart Cities initiative.

With applications in a broad variety of sectors, life sciences and biotechnology are main innovation drivers in the European Union, leading to new growth and competitiveness in traditional sectors, such as paper and pulp and chemical industries (including pharmaceutical the industry), textile companies and many others.
Our aim in supporting biotechnology research in the area of Leadership in Enabling and Industrial Research is to exploit the current and future know-how for boosting technological innovation and industrial leadership. We want European Industries to maintain their global leadership position for the benefit of European citizens. In pursuit of these goals we focus on mission-oriented research towards life sciences, biotechnology and biochemistry for sustainable non-food products and processes.


Dr. Carmen de Vicente Coll
Dr. Carmen de Vicente Coll, Research Programme Officer DG for Research & Innovation, European Commission (EC), Belgium |

Carmen de Vicente Coll has had scientific, managerial and leadership responsibilities in the public sector in Spain, the private sector in France, and the international public sector. Carmen has over 20 years of worldwide international research and development experience as a program leader and project manager. She has lived and worked in Europe, the Middle East, North and South America. Her special interest has been the delivery of research outputs, in particular through public and private collaboration. She joined the European Commission in 2014, where she works as a programme officer in the DG of Research and Innovation, Directorate D "Key Enabling Technologies", in Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Biotechnologies, focusing on projects under the theme “Cutting-edge Biotechnologies”.